Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ORA-15173: entry 'orapwasm' does not exist in directory '/'

Hi Guys,

After installing oracle 12c cluster , accidently password file deleted.  we found below error in

"ORA-17503: ksfdopn:2 Failed to open file +DATA/orapwasm
ORA-15173: entry 'orapwasm' does not exist in directory '/'
ORA-06512: at line 4"

Cause:  password file is missing.

In Oracle 12c, passwordfile will store in ASM diskgroup. Prior to 12c, each asm instance have its own password file in the respective GRID_HOME/dbs location. Now all ASM instance will use common password file,preferably VOTE disk diskgroup .


In our case votedisk is stored in +DATA diskgroup.  

we have to create the password file.

Login to any asm instance
#su - grid
$orapwd file=orapwASM  password=oracle force=y asm=y

Issue is resovled.

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  1. Hi
    Recently I encountered a issue ORA-15173: entry 'archivelog' does not exist in directory 'duaaadr'
    When we check then we found that archive folder has disappered, We created the folder and issue was resolved.
    Now I would like to know what probable reasons can be behind folder getting deleted.

  2. I got this error in alert log of BCP ORA-15173 and ORA-17503 ksfdopn failed to open passwordfile,I created new password file. try to copy password file from primary to BCP manually in shared location and check the connection of sys user but it showing invalid username/password

  3. Our error is exactly like this but we are tried without ASM option to write directly to db password file.
    That is not working out.


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